Best Crypt For Investment This Year

When well-known economists and Nobel laureates point to crypto-defects, it is a clear signal that precautionary measures must exist. At the moment when everyone wants to get rich overnight on “mining” and Bitcoin’s shop, it seems like it’s time to invest in worthwhile alternatives.

As the market circulates over 1000 currencies, choosing those worthwhile investments can be a rather ungrateful business. However, in this digital sea currency, some have nevertheless separated. We present some of the crypts that are considered a good investment.


One of the most famous alternatives to Bitcoin with Ethereum (which has become almost equally demanded) is an excellent choice. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. In 2011, he created this alternative with the idea that transactions with his crypto last longer than Bitcoin and improve the way mining so everyone can participate.


His idea then was to create an alternative not only to the most famous crypt but to regular money. Although seven years ago this idea seemed to be difficult to implement, payment is possible in more and more places in the world. In order to be as accessible as possible, these currencies are more in circulation – at the moment less than 55 million “coins” are available, the total number is limited to 84 million.


Monero fulfills one of the main conditions when the crypt is concerned – the anonymity of business on the Internet. This encryption guarantees that there is no way to trace the amount of the transaction, the sender and the recipient. In this way, it is impossible to find a trace of money flows, which is why criminals turn to this crypt, while the police break their heads to outwit them.


Although this currency acts as a dream of every honest criminal, those who invest in this currency claim that most of the transactions are certainly not illegal. It is a claim that can not be supported by the evidence because all transactions are anonymous. However, the credibility and image of this crypt have a list of 45 musicians, such as Lana Del Ray and Sia, who started receiving Monero, offering discounts for those who pay with this electronic coin.

Bitcoin Cash

We hope you know how to distinguish Bitcoin Cash from a regular Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Cash history is related to Bitcoin itself since it was created from this most popular crypt. The users who created it were frustrated by the high fees and slow transfer of assets when selling Bitcoin so they decided to make their own version.

Bitcoin Cash

As Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have a love-hate relationship, the most important thing to be done is that this currency is generally accepted by businesses that already accept the most popular crypt. The miners are also more than welcome, and this openness was what put at once Bitcoin Cash to worth more than Ethereum. Currently, it is at the 4th position of the list of the most popular coins.